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Safe, fun day on the skidpad and track at Apple Valley Speedway with a small group of like-minded drivers working on car control and drifting. Thursday, December 21st. Courses hot: 10am-4pm. More info to be emailed.


$10 cash gate fee per person, including non-drivers, payable to the track on entry. Driver fee payment link below. No on-site driver payments. Limited entries. Register while space exists. Thanks!

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By making this payment, you agree to accept all responsibility for personal belongings, damages, and potential injuries for you and your guests. Likewise, you will inspect your vehicle for safety before entering the track.

Any damages to the facility, missing or used fire extinguishers, and violations of safety policy will result in additional charges
- Light: $1500
- Asphalt, fence, wall, restroom fixture, etc: ~$500
- Used, damaged, or lost fire extinguisher: $120 each
- Safety violations: $500+

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