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You may have heard of "The 7 P's" - Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. All the drivers we've worked with long-term know the importance of this and our shortened version, #PriorProperPrep. Simply put, we pride ourselves on doing our best to ensure our drivers are more prepared than anyone else on the grid. If you want to be able to look at your competitors before the next session and feel confident knowing you're better armed to win against them, then you've come to the right place. Some of the key ways we do this at our Southern California facility and remotely are...

Track Breakdowns

Available only to our long-term clients, we provide detailed breakdowns of every inch of the most popular tracks around the world. Know the proper reference points, the rain line and other key information gleaned from decades of coaching and racing experience.


Reaction Time Training

Milliseconds matter in a racecar and reaction time can determine who is standing on the top step of the podium or sliding along the armco. Our various implementations of this training put a key focus on vision and how it relates to a driver in-car.


Physical Training + Diet

For many sportsman drivers we work with this becomes one of the final pieces to the puzzle of trimming down lap times and increasing consistency. For the pro drivers we work with its an intrigal part of the process from day one and made stronger with the use of some of the top physios in global motorsport.

Lifting Kettlebells

Driving Drills

In most sports you don't show up to practice and just scrimmage every day, yet this is what most drivers do by simply turning laps on the simulator or testing at the track. Our approach is unique and exposes strengths and weaknesses while providing specific training to improve upon them.


Simulator Training

There is a reason the military, airlines, and formula 1 teams spend millions on training those they are putting behind the real-life controls. Utilizing techniques and technology used by these organizations and adapted to each driver, you'll arrive better prepared to your next track event.


Cognitive Vision Training

What a driver sees on-track and how they react to it can make all the difference. Through various drills we challenge and improve drivers abilities to quickly process visual information and act accordingly.


Brain Endurance Training

The cockpit of a racecar is a busy place. By strengthening the brains ability to perform in a task-heavy environment for longer, there are a multitude of performance benefits we see for our drivers.

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